The Skill Window

I keep hearing about gain on relic and bonus relic levels? Where can I find this out?

The answer would be the skill window! You can open this by pressing and holding a skills name (depending on your config, it may just be a tap to open!)

In this you will see a few things, let’s go through them in order…

In the first instance you’ll see the skills name and a padlock icon, the padlock is so you can “lock” this skill so you can’t click the skill bar to spend on it, pretty nifty if you want to ignore some skills!

Below this is a series of numbers and a “>” icon, but lets look at the first row for now! The first number is your level and your gain/loss on relic touch, for example you might see Level: 100 (+50).
This tells you what your relic level will be after touching, in the example, 150, right of that is the effect, this tells you how much the skill is effecting something.

Let’s press that > if you haven’t already! Now you’ll see even more numbers šŸ¤Æ!
You can now see your bonus relic levels and your current relic level. Bonus levels are gained from shop items, and your relic level decreases your skill cost!