The Relic

So… What is the relic? What does it do and why do I need it?
The relic is the first prestige/reset layer in the game and will provide some nice bonuses! You first unlock this when you hit faith level 35

To start with, the relic has a flat discount to shop prices (capped at 5x touches) working on the formula:

shop price = shop price / (1 + (touches * 2))

This means that at the following touches you’ll receive the following shop price discounts:

Touch CountShop Discount

Secondly, the relic will also provide you with relic levels! These are extremely helpful to you as they will reduce your overall skill costs. This is done using the following formula:

skill cost = skill cost / (1 + relic level)

You can see how a higher relic level will decrease your skill costs using the skill calculator

But beware! With touching the relic, your relic level can go down as well as up, you can check your gain/loss on touching the relic by long-pressing a skill name and having a look at the numbers

Additionally, you can also press the “>” symbol to display further information such as your bonus relic from shop items and your current relic level