The Player List

The player list… where you’ll find anyone and everyone who is ripe to be attacked!

You’ll find you will spend a lot of time here, this is where you can send out attacks and keep track of who’s doing what (although you won’t be able to see what they’re buying!)

If you press and hold a players name a few options will become available to you, notably you will be able to see:

  • The players name and chat ID (for example anonymous5723 – #1234)
  • A star (more on this later)
  • Your attack stats
  • Several emojis you can send that player
  • Report and block buttons

The chat ID can be used for tagging someone in the tavern to get their attention, this can be useful if you want to speak to someone directly.

The attack stats come in two parts:

  • Your stats – how many times you’ve attacked them, how much you’ve stolen and how long you’ve spent doing it!
  • Their stats – how many times they’ve attacked you, how much they’ve stolen and how long they’ve spent doing it!

You can send an emoji to a player, you can do with this what you want really! They attacked you online? Send them an angry face to show your displeasure!

Using the star will “favourite” that player in your list, using the corresponding star icon from the player list will show only those you have in that list.

See someone with an offensive username / clan tag? Use the report button, moderators and admins will be notified of this and can action it as required.

Don’t like a player? Block them. You can still attack them, and they can still attack you, but you’ll be anonymous to one another and you won’t see them in tavern, nor will they see you!