So… you’ve seen you can surrender? But why should you?!

Surrendering is the second prestige / reset layer and provides fanaticism and it is first unlocked when you hit faith level 100 (f, fana, Fanta, fans, fanatics… it has many names and memes!)

Fanaticism will provide you with bonuses after you have reset, namely the unlock of “dark magic” skills, reduces the cost of those dark magic skills and also provides a shop discount!

The dark magic skills unlock are;

Skill NameUnlock RequirementSkill Effect
Fanatical Devotion1 fanaticismHappiness
Ardent Belief1 fanaticismFanaticism Gain
Zealous Conviction1 fanaticismAll Price Reduction
Extreme Piety20 fanaticismHappiness
Absolute Faith50 fanaticismFanaticism Gain
Devout Mastery500 fanaticismIncome per Day
Dogged Perseverance5000 fanaticismShop Price Reduction

The dark magic skill cost reduction is very simple, the formula for this is:

dark magic skill cost = dark magic skill cost / fanaticism

Nothing else to it! But the shop price reduction is a diminishing return, the formula for this is;

shop price = shop price / (sqrt(fanaticism/10) + 1)

After you have surrendered and gained your fanaticism, you will be sent back to start again, your skill levels will be reset back to 1, but you will keep any bonus relic levels you had from shop items (if you had any!)