Why spend your own money when you can spend someone elses?

Attacks are your most valuable source of income for the most part and it couldn’t be easier!

Simply go to the player list, press the “>” symbol to jump to your location and attack someone who has less money than you.

When choosing a target, you need to be aware of a few things, namely:

  • You can only attack someone who has less coins on hand than you do
  • It’s wise to avoid online players (these are marked with a green dot, and more on this later)
  • You will be “taxed” 10% of your currently held coins to attack someone

Attacking a player will give you an “expected” value, for example, you can expect 57g 12s 86c off a player when you attack them, but this value can change!

If a player attacks someone and that lands before yours does, the expected will go up.
Alternatively, a player can spend their money and you’ll see the expected goes down.

Online attacks are more risky as attacks go because the player is (usually) active, this means there is more chance for the attack to “fail”, either through the player dumping (spending all their money) or retaliating against you.

Online attacking is considered rude, usually will end in a loss for you and some players like to hit back and hit back hard, so avoid this where you can, but please don’t be upset if it happens to you – it’s a natural part of the game and par for the course with PvP games in general!